Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrifty Thursday~ Finding Secret Coupon Places

Did you know, you could score coupons at various locations that you have probably overlooked?  It's true, there are so many places to find coupons that after reading this, it will have you looking!

The Grocery Store-  Check the store bulletin board, some shoppers will pin unwanted coupons.  Also check store shelves, some shoppers leave the coupons by the sale item.

The Doctor or Dentist Office-  Check the pediatrician office for baby coupons or the dentist office for toothpaste or other oral care product coupons.  You could ask the office assistant if they have coupons if you don't see in the waiting room.

The Coffee Shop-  Local weeklies are available by the registers and they often contain coupon inserts.

The Library-  Some libraries have community coupon exchange boxes, if your library does not have one, suggest that you want to start one!

The Gas Station-  Sport drink and snack coupons are often located on tearpads on shelves.  Use them at your supermarket to have them doubled.

So next time you are pumping gas, going to your doctor appointment, or having a cup of Joe at your coffee shop, take a look around and you might find a coupon gold mine!

***Don't forget to download the Mom For A Deal Toolbar!

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