Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thrifty Thursday~ Time-Savings Tips For Stay At Home Moms

Being a Mom is a full-time job. I am lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom but I still have time-saving tips that I do daily to make my life a little easier. I have a list of things that I try to accomplish so my day will run easier. 

1) Always plan ahead for the next day. I always check my calendar each night to see if I have any appointments or play dates for the next day so I can plan ahead and be prepared for the next day.

2) Plan a weekly menu - This really saves time and money, each week I check our pantry and freezer to see what we have onhand, then I look through the grocery ad to see whats on sale and I plan our menu for the week.  I use Mom For A Deal's Weekly Menu Planner to help me workout a menu plan.

3) Prepare shopping lists - I always make a list on the Mom For A Deal's Grocery List and check coupons for those items on the Mom For A Deal Coupon Database.

4) Save all errands for 1 day if possible - Running errands is very time consuming when you have kids. You have to be prepared when leaving home with kids especially if you have small children. I always try to make a list of places I need to go and I try to do them in an order that is the easiest. When running errands, you are constantly loading and unloading kids.

5) Organize - Staying organized makes me feel better and makes each day a little easier. Being able to find whatever you need is so much easier when you are busy.  Since the kitchen is the busiest place in the house, I always make sure that is organized and in order.

6) Bank online  - I do 90% of banking and bill paying online. You can schedule payments in advance and you don't have to worry about bills being paid late. I also don't have to worry about having stamps on hand to get things mailed on time.

7) Have a Gifts and Cards on Hand -  I try to keep little gifts available for boys and girls. I am always checking the clearance and sale items for gifts to add to my stockpile. The $1 bins at Target are great for finding these.  I also have a supply of gift bags, tissue paper and boxes for wrapping.

8) Keep Gas in the Car - As a mom I can plan ahead when we have somewhere to go but things don't always go as planned when getting kids ready to leave.  I have found that having gas in the car has helped me get to places on time.

9) Shop Online - I did all my Christmas shopping online last year and plan to do the same this year. offers Amazon Prime, for a yearly fee you get 2-day Free Shipping on items and also many items qualify for Subscribe & Save or Amazon Mom to get you a discounted price.  I also earn cash back through Ebates when shopping online at various stores plus you save time and gas. 

10) Have some "me" time each day. I have found that having some "me" time each night after my kids are napping or in the bed for the night.  This gives me a few minutes to relax and collect my thoughts. Recently I have started working on the kid's costumes for Halloween and I have taught myself to knit, so I am venturing into making hats for them on my down time. Blogging is another outlet I have found to be relaxing and fulfilling. "When momma is happy, everyone is happy." When I am happy, I am a more productive person.

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